Saturday, May 06, 2006


Walter rides a longboard made of solid Western Red Cedar, he made himself. The fin is a 16" slow taper felling wedge he drove in the bottom.

He wears caulk boots, and no wetsuit, and a stocking cap. He leaves his tin pants on the shore, and has a 12' choker sling for a leash.

I've seen him swim out with three commercial crab pots on the nose of his board, and come in after surfing with a bag limit of Dungeness...

His head, face and hands are tanned dark brown, but the rest of his body is white like the underside of a flounder...

Once, I saw him drift the river with a fly-pole, run out the mouth, and surf into the beach there by Mo's with a big silver under his arm.

~thanks to stiffler

Here's what Walter is looking at...

~thanks to team kook