Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Definition of a Fish


A Fish is a Fish is a Fish!

Twin Keels, preferably marine ply.
Straight railed.
Wide nosed.
Big swallow.
Low rocker.
Touch of roll.
Touch of concave.
Designed for real waves not real slop.
Anything more/anything less than two keels and it is not a Fish.
Anyone advertising a Fish when it's NOT is false to the roots and soul of surfing.

The Fish is essentially a kneeboard. It thrives on low centre of gravity.
The more squat the surfer in a critical turn at speed, the greater the response.
The more rail in the water, the better the projection.
The more The Fish is built to the surfer's power to weight ratio, the better to ride any size.
Ride it the right way on the right wave and the surfing experience explodes.
The 'HyndFish' is designed for real surf...JBay, Burleigh, solid Bells: down the line set ups where entry speed, delay and release, high line driving and fade can be absolutely defined.

The 4oz model is built for a touch more response though shorter lifespan.
The 6oz model is built for greater momentum and durability.
For mine, the standard 70kg surfer can ride a 5'5" Fish at 6 foot point surf no sweat as long as the basics of low centre of gravity surfing are respected.
With the right gab rail bottom turn, body leaning forward, the surfer can do just about anything in setting up the perfect ride on the perfect wave.

The Fish is not to be surfed off the back foot.
Surf it from the front and let the keels do the rest.
And remember its origins...kneeboarding...low to the rail.
The Fish has its variations but anything too much and it morphs into twinny or thruster.
The micro wing comes into play as the surfer opts for more everyday conditions.
It allows a more sudden break in flow, particularly in the hook.

Jed Done from Bushrat builds the 'HyndFish' from his country shack on the NSW South Coast.
There isn't a board builder more tuned to the roots and soul of surfing.
I'm stoked to be associated with such a core craftsman.

Derek Hynd

ps Buy hand crafted boards. Support true surfing. Say no to imports.


Anonymous said...

I will no longer engage in the debate, I ride a quad with an oversized swallowtail.

Anonymous said...

It's on Fri - Sun (for me) and possibly beyond that. Got the heater for the van ready and picking up my new hand shaped swallow quad wave catcher, although Shuler considers it one of his Fish designs. Don't think I'll need it though looking solid.

Over the OSP. Done wasting my time with all the kooks! I'll be lurking here though. Hope you don’t mind. Good stuff relevant to real surfing.

See U in the water.

Doc said...

The OSP is good sometimes...

Leave a report or two when you can.


Anonymous said...

Will do.

The OSP used to be good at the least for a laugh and a monotony breaker from the 9-5, but these days it's one pissing match after another moderated by, as a friend put it, a bunch of arm chair quarterbacks. There are definitely some cool characters that post there, some I've meet in person and are good people, but others were beginning to annoy me and I started questioning how much they were actually surfing rather than sitting on the net and posting about it.

Guess just like everything except surfing, it gets old.

Foulweather... said...


You just need to assume a good alter ego man. Its good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

thank you for laying the debate to rest doc. I am glad to see that I am well in the parameters of legitimate Fish-hood. Although my keels are actually 3/8 birch face ply left over from a cabinet....