Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kenny Doudt

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We lost another today...Kenny Doudt, of no uncertain Oregon fame...who survived a Great White attack off Haystack Rock in 1979...only to drown in Kauai at account below from the Kauai Garden Island News...
Koloa surfer had survived great white attack
by Blake Jones - The Garden Island

County officials have identified 53-year-old Kenneth Doudt as the surfer who drowned Saturday across from the Lawai Beach Resort in Koloa.The Koloa resident was an avid surfer who survived a great white shark attack at the age of 26 off the coast of Oregon and lived to write a book about it.
According to Nukumoi Surf Co. manager Miguel Graham, a family friend for more than 20 years, Doudt will be missed. “Kenny was a good guy, a good surfer, a good father and a good friend,” Graham said yesterday. According to Graham, Doudt and a few other guys were surfing at Centers Beach at about 1:45 p.m. The last he was seen, Doudt had caught a wave, surfed it and paddled back out. Graham said he and others are unsure what happened next. Doudt was found floating face down at about 2:45 p.m., according to a police department press release.
By the time three surfers had paddled him to shore, paramedics were already on the scene. Shortly thereafter, around 3 p.m., Doudt was pronounced dead at Wilcox Memorial Hospital. According to Graham, who was at the scene, Doudt did not appear to have any head trauma and he doesn’t believe the cause of death had to do with the surf. “The waves were small that day,” he said. “He died of something else, we just don’t know yet.”
According to county Public Information Officer Mary Daubert, deaths that occur in the water are designated as drownings. More information on the circumstances surrounding the incident was not available by press time. The drowning marks the fifth of the year on Kaua‘i. A near-drowning late last week at the same beach where Doudt was found was reported by The Garden Island on Saturday. In that incident a female snorkeler was rescued by a nearby swimmer.
Graham said Doudt is survived by his three sons, ages 30, 28 and 17. Two of the sons — Justin Doudt and Jeremy “Skiz” Doudt, who Graham described as one of Kaua‘i’s top surfers — live on-island. Jeremy Doudt did not want to comment yesterday. A memorial service will take place at a later date, and a surfer’s paddle is being planned for sometime this week. Graham said he will remember Doudt for his carefree attitude about life. “He’s going to be missed by a lot of people,” Graham said. “He’s a piece of the puzzle where we hang out and now a big piece of the puzzle will be missing.”


Anonymous said...

Condolences and respect. Was it the 1st attack on a surfer in OR?

Classic shot. Luvin the wetsuit. I heard the bar was like all time that year man and it's never been the same : ) Wonder what it was like surfing the NoCo in the 70's? Bet it was chill and uncrowded if you could deal with the wetsuit technology or lack there of. Guess it wasn't good enough for Kenny though.

Don't think I really want to read that book. No offense to Kenny and I'm not saying this was his motivation, but funny how OR shark attack victims always try to cash in on thier experience. One guy in GB got new board and wetsuit from Surfing, can't say I blame him. Another went for it filming the whole thing, did the late night talk shows, and starred or should I say scared on a Nike commercial. Although the last victim, took the opposite route and remained anonyms.

Gaz said...

Doudt's injuries from the bites left him with life long problems, one of them being able to deal with cold water.His move to the Islands was a response to those effects, so that he could continue to surf.

Anonymous said...

Injuries or not a big step up in my book. I'd do it if I could, wait maybe I can. Time will tell.