Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Someone Blabbed


I suppose I could go on and on about the common misconception (in my opinion) that the act of speaking of surfing...whether in person or on the interweb...is the main culprit in it's increase in popularity in recent years.
Surfing is pretty seductive in appearance. The reality, at least outside of fair weather climes, is somewhat less attractive. This isn't to say there won't be the select few that get the hook set and crowd the lineups in years to come.
I'm as closed mouth as any when it comes to specific hard earned info...be it through personal experience or expertly applied torture induced confession, but the mindset that the very speaking of the word is the problem is mind boggling.
In any case, I've surfed empty waves in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and in the 20th century too. Don't get me wrong...I'm not talking Sunset, Rincon, Superbank, or some other known perfecto spot that's been out since time immemorial. I'm saying popular spots are popular for a reason...but if you want to surf alone, you can.
And if you're wily you can still surf those popular spots on occasion all by your lonesome..in the mean time, I need to e-mail Sean Collins about a sweet sandbar I found on the central Oregon coast...oh wait, it's gone.


Anonymous said...

Serious about the sandbar, we already lost our summer bar at a certain dribbling creek-poof!, just like that.
You really know Sean?
Did you wipe Gazza's drool off your Eagle?

Anonymous said...

It's those f&*&*ers at the advertising agencies - every car commercial has a surfboard thrown in. Hey, get a Honda Pilot and there is room for your dog, some 2x4s, and a Fletcher 4 quad. I ain't makin' this up.

Anonymous said...

Used to be, the crappy surf was made up for by being empty. Now it's crappy and crowed. It's just stupid to see 30 people trying for some garbage at Indian.

fojo said...

Surfing is a darwinist sport practiced by mostly open minded persons.

The closed minded, ill-prepared practitioners tend to find themselves upset by this from time to time.

Occasionally they close off beaches in Mexico in order to run "premium" surf contests.


Doc said...

I paddled out at Indian just the other day by myself...then over the course of 3 hours 3 other surfers came out...pretty uncrowded.

That said, I surfed it 10 years ago in the summer where you couldn't find a place to park and there were 50 + boards in the water...

If you haven't noticed there are more surf shops, more car commercials with surfboards and most importantly...as regards surfing...more people.

Anonymous said...

Recipe for increased numbers of surfers in Oregon:

1. Population growth
2. Wetsuit technology
3. Increased number of surf shops
4. Media coverage
5. growth of "extreme" sports over traditional sports
6. more surfers in water makes others feel safer about getting in the water, thus producing more surfers in the water......

Anonymous said...

there are more surfers at the northern oregon coast than the southern oregon coast. there are also more surfers on the northern oregon coast than there are in northern california.

Anonymous said...

No way Eureka/Arcadia's got just as many if not more surfers than the north coast of OR. As with Cresent City. Theres no college on the coast up here. And depending what you consider Northern Cal. Bodega Bay with it's proximity to Santa Rosa and the northern Bay Area, crowded. Shit even Mendo pretty packed these days. But really its still no Santa Cruz of SF and they seem to think thier NorCal?