Tuesday, November 10, 2009


~photo by Zak Noyle


Described by Justin Cote, in TransWorld Surf as "the scariest wave in the Northwest, the “Monster Slab.” A heaving, double-up beast of a wave, this place is ice cold, remote, and very unforgiving." The Yeti, as it is known, is all this and more...breaking hard over a shallow reef, it is only for the experienced and the expert. Although how you become "expert", I will never know and have no interest in becoming.

The TWS post from October 29 caused a bit of a dustup between Central Coast claimers, a sampler:

Dan Hasselschwert (yellow board/yellow helmet) and Ollie Richardson are my new heros! Those guys pioneered this MONSTER SLAB back in 2006 and are the only locals who ride it.
-Big Wave Dave

Dan and Ollie charge for sure. But they are not the only locals who do. Keith Galbraith, Ryan Heim and Paul Bradley to name a few. -Jay mon

Hate to burst your bubble but myself, Brian Wichener and Mike Schultz pioneered Scotts Reef (paddling) in '95. Myself on longboard and Brian and Mike on shortys. We each copped about 6 waves lefts and rights and made them all. The next session of consequence was the well documented Greg Long, Mark Healey, Mike Parsons session. Any (locals) sessions followed their lead also with motors. -John Forse

John Forse is a douch bag, California please come pick up your trash and take him back. Lets see your big wave pics John....still waiting....still waiting....not the black white shot taken before you ate shit on the one wave you surfed....still waiting..... Respect is earned over years and years of charging....Dan and Ollie have been and continue to make you look and sound stupid. -The Witch

i see john forse is still trying to remain a big deal in a sport he once tried a few times, pleeease, why cant you just be happy your fellow surfers can charge, does it make you sad that your not getting publicity, awwww its ok buddy it be ok, until next time sit down drink a coke, smile and shut the f#@$ up. -Corvallis Carl

John Farse? Isn't that the fool that got his jaw broke at Subway. Bumbye U Learn! -Sloth

sounds like corvallis carl, the witch, and observant servant are all Ohio Dan who claims to be the 32nd rated towsurfer in the world. Cool technique, post your pics and videos then post comments about what a stud you are. Typical wannabees, I sign my own name -John Forse

Hey John - Give it a rest. All three Skriver brothers paddeled in, in the 70's, long before you moved here. -Dr. No


Gaz said...

We have ways of making complete bullshit out of what is an amazing wave. Celebrate the wave and the history of it being ridden.