Thursday, July 05, 2007

Freedom Rang

This would be a retroactive post...posted on The day after the day after the celebration of our nation's independence.
I also need to give credit where credit's due..but can't recall the name of the CAN photog that shot the shot above...
It's a post post, if you will.

Local Report:
Really fun head high plus waves yesterday at the OW. Lotsa long rides, a-frame peaks followed by offshore left walls that even allowed a couple brief almost barrels... After driving north from Newport for about 2 hours to find the only wind protection available... And seeing blown out beach break everywhere I checked... I was rewarded on the bluff with a view of a reeling offshore 6 foot left at middles with no one on it... Lotsa people on the beach...not so many in the water in the afternoon. Heard it was even better earlier... Yesterday ruled. ~doc